1. learn more about exercise science and nutrition, 2. learn more about my job and how I can better do it, 3. develop my career path, 4. learn to cope with the passing of my dad and open up more, 4. work on my relationships with everyone in my life, 5. not let the little things tear me down, 5. let go of the past, dammit!, 6. draw at least one thing a day (no matter who tiny of a doodle it is), 7. see the world in a new light, 8. plan our dream wedding, 9. better manage my finances, and 10. be the best damn person I can (future wife, friend, family member, worker, etc) and truly learn things that will help me through life.

1. Plan: I’ve decided that I’m going to research as much as I can on each of these (personal training, nutrition, and yoga – extra points) once I’m married I’m taking a personal training course and getting my certification
2. I found an awesome site http://www.mindtools.com today and has helped me find ways to develop my career both current and future
3. See above – Trying my hardest to find as much information as possible but my everyday job is taking the brunt of my time – found some time today to do some development work and print some info on this so I can read up on it later
4. Also, in http://www.mindtools.com found a coping strategies link. Will be looking through that. Also have been reading up on Hannah’s post’s and finding a lot on Pinterest.
5. Still working through this. Having been listening to friends and trying to help them.
6. Not everyday, but maybe once a week,
7. Again, taking the place of my friends situations and placing myself in their shoes.
8. Awesome wedding planned – still have a lot of the creative stuff to do.
9. Finances haven’t been particularly good – been planning out expenses and in the process of quitting nicotine…therefore adding an extra $100 (give or take) to my budget a week.
10. Be the best damn person I can be…well…I’ve had my moments of insanity but I’ve made some reasonable changes. Mindfulness sessions at work on Wednesdays, meditation everynight, bedtime yoga everynight.


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