What do you bring to the table?

In the spirit of the holiday Thanksgiving, most people ask the question, what are you most thankful for? Frankly, there is a lot that I could say: my fiance, my family, my cats, my friends, having a roof over my head, having a job, etc and these are all huge in my book, please don’t think that I feel anything less than that. What I am truly thankful for most is that I’ve found myself. What I’ve mentioned in most of my posts is the challenges that I’ve faced and the pain that I’ve felt, however over the past couple of years, mostly this year, is that I found me. In the darkest of moments I had always asked myself, why? Why me?! But in all reality I should have instead asked ok, what am I going to learn from this and move past it?

I had become a very negative person, which is very unlike me. I had always been the optimistic, fun, free-spirit redhead which no worries in the world. My challenges came and I felt broken and alone. I complained and cried and felt unfit for the world. I felt like an outsider. If only I had opened my eyes I would’ve realized I’m not alone or an outsider at all. Maybe my young brain would’ve seen that everyone feels this way. Everyone has their own problems. If only I had taken a chance to open my eyes and see, it wouldn’t have taken so long. In all reality, that is life though. We are human beings meant to feel all the different harsh realities of the world but how you handle them is what truly defines you.

So my Thanksgiving post isn’t about what I’m thankful for, it’s what do I bring to the table. I’m coming to realize that each and every person has a brand that they need to promote. No, I’m not talking about Michael Kors, Dior, or anything like that. What is YOUR brand? I’m coming to realize that my true brand is ‘KopasKat’. This nickname came from work, my username when I first started there. At the time I wasn’t a cat lover so, though I thought it was kinda cool, I just kinda shrugged it off. When my best friend from work started she too was a ‘Kat’. Instantaneously, we were known as ‘The Kats’ and we ran with it. We actually call ourselves the ‘Katpack’. Her optimism, fun, free-spirit was infectious to me and I finally started to come out of my shell. Thankfully, we still are work besties and text all the time and keep ourselves entertained at work and away.

It is true, that you can’t rely on people to make you happy. You can surround yourself with the happiest, fun people in the world, however making yourself happy is a feat you alone have to overcome. I have been suffering from anxiety and depression sneaks it’s way in there as well in very tough times. So not only trying to heal my mental state and getting over my tragedies in life, I had to deal with those dilapidating mental conditions as well, like many others. Luckily, I have taken my life into my own hands to try and help myself become my true self and find the light in the darkest of moments. I pride myself in how far I’ve come.

So, what was it that I was saying, defining your brand, and where did the ‘KopasKat’ come from out of all of this? I researched a lot of self help websites and read many books. The most inspirational of them was “The Bounce Back Book” by Karen Salmansohn. It was a fun, witty take on life and how to bounce back from the most trying of moments. I can’t say I’m totally healed but I have a better stand on where I need to go and who I need to be. We are all in this world for a reason. Your brand defines you and though you may spend years, maybe your whole life trying to determine that reason why your here, people will see your true colors and what you stand for.

Me, what I bring to the table…I mean I believe that being a ‘KopasKat’ on the outside looks like a red-haired cat with markings around her eyes that look like glasses (because well I’m a strawberry-blonde and have glasses both of which I feel people remember). She is quiet and timid around new people but spunky and playful around those she knows. She will sit and listen to those who talk to her. She does stand on her own two feet though and will do what she likes to do, whether it’s being by herself for a while or spending time with others. She is mostly independent and thinks on her own but still depends on those she loves to help her along the way.

Basically, what I’ve determined, I have a lot of cat instincts (only after owning two cats have I determined this). I am strong willed and want to do what’s best for myself and those around me. I am optimistic, I believe that good will come in all situations – even after a long time of sadness and having wandered off my path. I am diligent in what I believe in as well. If I believe in something I will put all my efforts in trying to prove my point. I take criticism hard and will be upset over it for some time but after realizing the true point that is trying to be made, I will take the criticism and turn it into something amazing. I strive for loving passionately. I mostly stick to myself and what I know, but once I feel comfortable I will start to come around.

Whatever my plan in life is, I will work towards finding it. I am resilient and will make the best of a bad situation in the end. Don’t lose faith in me, and I will never lose faith in you.

Find your brand, promote it. Make people want to know who you are. So, what do you bring to the table?


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