I had tried writing a post about 10 minutes ago but only could think of a couple sentences to write. i was a little disappointed because today was a truly wonderful day for me, I participated in the 7th Annual Miles for Melanoma walk this morning in memory of my dad. A group of friends and family came together and walked/ran in memory of lost loved ones, those suffering from this devastating cancer, and in the hope of raising money to fund for research and one day a cure. Tomorrow will be the year and a half anniversary of my dad’s death and will be a tough one, but just walking one mile this morning, I feel more inspired to live in my dad’s memory than ever before. I have had a tough couple of weeks coping, not quite like in the past, but I have missed him so much. It just pains me to know that we don’t live in the same physical world together anymore. I miss the little things like I have posted about in the past.

Upon attempting to write my original post before, I decided to scrap it and read a new post from a blog that I follow and it truly got me thinking. The writer went on to tell her followers about the diaries that she has been writing in since she was young, diaries that she wrote for her future daughter. The post was so touching as it went on to describe the bad days in such a fairy tale way about Should’ve, Could’ve, and Would’ve. just taking the 10 minutes to read it has inspired me to do the same for my daughter one day. I have so many diaries from when I was younger, my plan for them was for me to read them once more and throw them away. The pages are littered with the horrible pains that I have felt for the last ten years or so. In my mind having them around hurts me as I know it’s my secret life, things I’ve written that I never want another soul to read. They are difficult even for me to read again but if I do, I feel it will remind me of all I went through to get to where I am. I’m unsure still whether I wI’ll keep them but I do want to make a diary for my future daughter to see. To know that even though the skies may get stormy, the sun is shining behind those clouds.

Til next time…


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