Inspiration Tuesday

So, today is my inspiration day, I need to start coming up with ideas for the wedding. My fiance and I took off today and tomorrow, we’re making it our summer vacation as we didn’t get to do anything. We had three day passes to Electric Zoo and got to go Friday and Saturday with a couple of our friends. Unfortunately it was cut short on Sunday due to two people overdosing on Friday and Saturday. My thoughts go out to the families grieving. It was an awesome experience and I’m so happy I finally got to go. 

Now as we have two days off, my thoughts need to start envisioning the wedding. I have so many ideas going through my head of what I want but attempting to envision it all playing out, is difficult for me. So, my days are going to consist of cleaning, browsing Pinterest and The Knot, cleaning, more browsing, etc etc etc. It’s so hard to pinpoint just a couple things that I want incorporated. I want an outdoors ceremony (on the beach or garden type setting), romantic/elegant/casual/modern, navy and green but also splashes of some other colors, EDM, watercolor, etc etc…there are just so many things. I want it to be fun, like us. We’re just two simple people who love music festivals, our cats, and spending time together. How hard can this be?  


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